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Happy Kitties

Hope & Twinkles were very excited to get the new addition to their kitten sanctuary this morning. We don't usually like to get kittens right before winter, but these were too cute not to say yes to. Someone dropped them off at a coffee shop in Antioch :( We have them in a stall that has been raccoon proofed, just in case. When I was trying to adopt a couple of kittens in the spring, the rescues all said no. Adoptions have to be indoor cats. So, I ask you - do these two look depressed like many you see at the rescues? Our barn cats are important to us. They are fed a quality cat food every morning, have heated water when it's cold, are wormed regularly and are vetted when needed. In exchange for the care we give them, they help keep the rodent population down here. Rodents carry diseases that can be passed to livestock. We don't consider our horses and ponies livestock, but they are considered livestock to some. We socialize our barn kitties and these two have come a long way with that.

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