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Hot! Hot! Hot?

The last few weeks at Meadowsweet Ranch the temperatures have been up in the upper 80s and 90s with the humidity close behind. So when is it too hot to ride?

While there might not be an exact answer to this question, here at MSR the comfort of the horse always comes first. Horses do sweat to cool themselves, just like us. So if it is very humid, the impact that sweating has is lessened. A good rule of thumb is if the temperature and the humidity combined are above 160, it might be too hot to ride.

But just like with the rain we talked about in an earlier blog post, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out at the barn or visit with the horses. Just make sure to:

Stay hydrated! Make sure both both you and your horse have plenty of fresh cool water available at all times.

Skip the bath! While cold water can seem like it will offer relief for your horse, the water can actually stay in their coat and cause heat to build as the sun beats down on them. Especially if it’s humid as well as hot outside, the water can actually lead to cooling problems. It also can strip the coat of natural oils that help keep the bugs as well as the sun at bay. Its usually best to just let the horse’s natural sweat provide the cooling.

Made in the shade! Read a book under a tree while your horse grazes. Groom him in the shade of a run-in shed. Try a new fly mask or boots on him with UV protection. Talk to her about your day, just as long as you stay in the shade.

Ride before the sun! If you really want to ride or exercise your horse do so before the sun has a chance to heat up or after it goes down. Keep it short and sweet and make sure to do a good cool down after your ride.

Stay safe and join us in wishing for cooler weather!! 🍂

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