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Rainy Day at the Ranch

Today was rainy, wet, and muddy here at the ranch, we still know how to have fun! Here are 5 things we like to do with our horses when its raining.

  1. Massage. Massages can help circulate and loosen your horse’s muscles and be a stress reliever from daily riding. They can also improved muscle tone, posture, circulation. Not only does it have health benefits to your horse, but it also strengthens the bond you have together.

  2. Grooming. Might seem like a waste if its muddy outside but grooming your horse can make him feel pampered and loved no matter the weather. It also can help you notice any bumps, cuts or scraps your horse may have gotten while turned out. Plus we all know a certain horse that always needs a good scrubbing.

  3. Learning a new trick. Teaching your horse to bow or Spanish walk is a challenge but one that can enhance your relationship. Although horses can definitely learn a multitude of tricks, we try to keep our training sessions brief and with a lot of rewards and praise for a job well done. After all, who doesn't love a horse that can kiss on command.

  4. Liberty. Here at the ranch we are lucky enough to have an indoor arena where we can still ride and do groundwork even during the rain. Teaching your horse to follow you without a lead rope is very rewarding. Liberty work also helps your horse with collection and self carriage. Plus, its fun! :)

  5. Play a game. Egg and spoon, obstacle courses, musical stalls, and red light green light; the list of horsey games goes on and on. Games are fun but can also be educational for both the horse and rider. Such as helping with coordination, balance, and quiet hands. At MSR we especially love to play with obstacles such as bridges, water boxes, and bell corridors.

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