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Spooky Spider Mazes, Black Holes, and Floating Ghosts!

Team Meadowsweet had a blast yesterday at Dover Stables in Waterford, WI attending their Horsey Halloween Equine Trail Sports Event!

Equine Trail Sports (ETS) offer a fun and safe place for riders to enjoy both in hand and ridden obstacles on the trail, in a pasture, or in an arena. This allows participants to "Ride for fun, Ride to learn" while choosing their own level.

Not only did the we bring home ribbons but also came together as a team, worked well with our horses, and had a lot of Halloween excitement!

Congrats to Team Meadowsweet!

Amber Younce 5th place (In Hand Novice)

Patricia Yanuzzi 5th place (In Hand Intermediate) and 6th place (Under Saddle Advanced)

Kaylee Achtor 3rd place (Under Saddle Intermediate)

Kimberly Klute-Faith 2nt place (In Hand intermediate) 1st place (Under Saddle Intermediate)

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